Top Ten Tunes- 1997

Every Friday, I’m publishing my top ten songs from a single year and this week it’s the turn of 1997.

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In 1997, Princess Diana calls for an international ban on landmines, 160 vehicles are involved in a motorway pile-up on the M42 which kills three and injures 60, Channel 5 the UK’s 5th TV channel is launched, the Labour party defeat the Conservatives in the general election with a landslide result and Tony Blair becomes the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, the UK wins the Eurovision Song Contest, the first Harry Potter novel is published, the IRA declares a ceasefire, 58 tourists are killed by terrorists in the Valley of Kings in Egypt- 6 of them were Brits, Mother Teresa dies in Calcutta, Scotland vote to create its own parliament after a 290 years union with England, Mike Tyson bites Evander Holyfield’s ear during a match and is suspended from boxing, a civil jury panel find OJ Simpson guilty, Australian rock star Michael Hutchence diesGianni Versace is murdered and the Notorious B.I.G. is shot dead in a drive-by shooting.

Princess Diana is killed in a car crash whilst being chased by paparazzi in Paris, a week later Diana’s funeral takes place which is watched by 1.5 billion people across the world.

The films Titanic, The Full Monty and Life is Beautiful are released and I celebrate my 21st Birthday.


This week is a special week as we are now officially at the half way point of this weekly music series. So, I just wanted to thank everyone who tunes in every week. Discussing our music memories is the highlight of doing this music series, so I hope I still see you all every week for the second half of this series. Anyway, back to ME. In 1997, I’m living in London and generally getting up to mischief. I remember getting the news that Princess Diana had died. At the time, I was living at my cousin’s flat, sleeping on his sofa. He got a phone call at 3am from his girlfriend crying on the phone. Her flatmate worked for Tokyo TV (yes really) and she’d been called in to cover the story, so his girlfriend then immediately called us to tell us the news. It was a surreal time to be living in London. I remember visiting Buckingham Palace and seeing the sea of flowers laid down by the gates. I moved out of my cousin’s place and into my own flat on the day of Princess Diana’s funeral (yes excellent timing, I know) and I have never known London transport to be so quiet and deserted. It was like 28 Days Later. And I’ve never seen London like that again since.

So anyway, here we go. My top ten tunes from 1997, in no particular order (sorry yes more Blur, Bjork & Kylie).

1. I Am the Black Gold of the Sun by Nuyorican Soul

2. Some Kind of Bliss by Kylie Minogue


3. Someone’s Daughter by Beth Orton

Beth Orton press shot June 2012

4. Song 2 By Blur

5. Late in the Day by Supergrass


6. Never Ever by All Saints


7. Bachelorette by Bjork


8. You’re Not Alone by Olive


9. Into My Arms by Nick Cave


10. Bittersweet Symphony by The Verve


Oh look what I found- a very rare photo of me at 21. We didn’t really take photos of ourselves or each other much back then. I didn’t even own a camera when I was 21, but here I am all baby faced and full of youth.

You have no idea how close it is between Nick Cave and Blur. I think it’s the closest two songs have ever been for me, BUT Into My Arms is probably one of the most beautiful songs ever written and never fails to make me tearful, so by a hair- it’s my favourite this week. Soooooo, which one is yours? And do you remember where you were when you found out about Princess Diana’s death?

See you next week for 1998!

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