LAST CHANCE TO VOTE: Annual Bloggers Bash 2019

5850E2A5-E889-45D4-A251-4AEFF8F98D7DFYI: there’s only a few hours left to vote for Just Another Blog from a Woman in the annual blogging awards. Just click HERE (no need to register) and vote for Just Another Blog from a Woman in the Best Entertainment Blog category. And not only will I be forever grateful, but it’s also a sure fire way of shutting me up about it. Love ya! Thank ya!

Voting closes at 9pm tonight!

Annual Bloggers Bash Awards: Who to Vote For

There’s only 2 weeks left to vote in the Annual Bloggers Bash Awards and you may be wondering to yourself: hmmmm, but just who shall I vote for? Well, never fear Just Another Blog From a Woman is here to help. This post is mainly a shout out to all the wonderful bloggers that have been incredibly supportive of my blog over the years and also a shout out for the excellent and talented bloggers I’ve had the luck to come across. When you’ve perused everyone’s blogs below, you can cast your vote HERE

Best Overall Blogger

  • I’m Sick and So Are You: I’m not sure why you would vote for Christine. She’s trying to take down every blogger in existence. Plus she writes terribly, she isn’t funny in the slightest, her posts aren’t remotely deep or profound nor cleverly entertaining at the same time and she definitely didn’t write one of the best posts I’ve ever read. You can read it HERE and check out her blog whilst you’re there. It’s awful*
  • But I Smile Anyway: Lovely Ritu, Meter Maid. Actually she’s not a meter maid. She’s a very good blogger, mother, wife, teacher and very lovely person (rumour has it that she’s also an amazing baker. I’ll have to report back to confirm whether this is true or not). This blog post of hers HERE was extraordinary.
  • A Brummie Home and Abroad: Our Emmalene is definitely the kind of girl you’d want to sink a cocktail or two with. Her travel posts will leave you insanely jealous, the photography in her blog is stunning plus she is an exceptionally good writer, but don’t tell her I said any of this. Check out this dreamy post on her love for Italy HERE
  • Gin & Lemonade: First of all, here you have one of the best blog names ever. That’s enough to win a vote alone. Luckily, Lorna has a lot more to offer on her blog than just a name (and I’m not just talking about her awesome hair). She writes well on her family and very important topics. My favourite blog posts of hers is HERE. It’s one of those posts that everyone should be made to read. And I mean everyone.

*it’s clearly not. It’s definitely the opposite of awful.

Funniest Blogger

  • Fatty McCupcakes: I love Katie, mainly because she makes me feel like I’m not the only idiotic person on this planet who constantly gets themselves into ridiculous situations. Also, she happens to be very funny. She could tell you a story about watching paint dry and she would have you in hysterics. My favourite post of hers is HERE and it had me LOLling so much, I was very grateful that I didn’t read it on public transport.
  • The Phil Factor: Sexiest man alive, Phil has been blogging since 1807. However, he’s not just a sex symbol. He has brains too. And he also happens to be very, very funny. It was so hard trying to pick just one of his posts as they are so consistently funny, but have a gander at this one HERE then take yourself on a little stroll around his blog.
  • Hot Mess Memoir: The delectable Angela does something very clever with her blog. Not only is she very funny, but she makes everything so relatable you feel like you’re chatting with a mate whilst reading her posts. As a Brit, I found this post HERE particularly enjoyable.
  • Midlife Smarts: The highly entertaining Jill is the woman behind this very funny blog. I loved her post on Henry VIII’s wives HERE. Not only was it lots of fun to read (like all of her posts), but it was actually very informative too.
  • Lutheranlier Looks At Life: Alice is a woman who has lived and is living a full and fascinating life. And she looks at this life with great humour. My favourite post of hers most definitely has to be her tale about dating none other than Steve Martin. Check it out HERE!
  • Judy E Martin: Lovely, lovely Judy. Please do check out her blog. She’s a great writer and I particularly enjoy her humorous limericks. Especially the Christmas ones. I know this isn’t very seasonal of me, but check this one out HERE for starters.
  • Shallow Reflections: This blog is run by Molly who provides a light hearted look at life. Check out her latest blog post HERE.

Most Inspirational Blogger

  • You Are Awesome: Not only is Angela one of the loveliest people you could come across in the blogging world, BUT she also happens to be a very good blogger and an excellent writer. Every single week after reading a wonderful post of hers, I ALWAYS find inspiration. Warning: her blogs will make you think and then think some more. As with Phil, I found it so hard to pick just one of her posts as they’re so outstanding, but this one HERE in particular went down very well when I shared it on my personal Facebook page.
  • Unfold and Begin: Jennifer provides much inspiration and sage advice with her blog. I also feel her blog is bit of a hidden gem too. Please have a good look through her blog. there are so many wonderful posts. I particularly like her posts that detail how people have changed their lives and started over. She recently published a very important post HERE, so I just had to share this one with you.

Most Informative Blogger

  • Global Housesitter x 2: Suzanne is a marvellous woman. She travels all over the globe (mainly Europe) housesitting for various people and looking after their furry friends. Her posts are not only informative about the places that she visits, but she also provides a lot of information about how you too can become a housesitter (it sounds amazing). Like Emmalene’s blog, the photography is fantastic. Check out her latest post on Turkish culture HERE.
  • Talk About Pop Music: Just Another Blog From a Woman connects closely with Talk About Pop Music. We both love music and a lot of the time, we have similar tastes. Steve’s blog is THE place to go to find out about new music. Check out this wonderful post that he wrote about our Kylie HERE
  • An Historian About Town: The very stylish Jessica has been very helpful indeed. She wrote a post about how to look after your clothes and taught me things that in my 42 years, I didn’t have a clue about. She also loves castles (I mean, who doesn’t), has a very cute dog called Agnes and does a monthly feature that I adore, recommending a favourite book and a favourite tea (two of my most favourite things). Her post about clothes care is HERE.
  • Notebook and Glasses: As someone who lives with chronic pain, I find Ali’s blog such a fantastic source of information on how to live with pain. This post HERE is particularly useful.
  • A Writer’s Perspective: April must have a very, very big brain. She knows so much about history, in particular medieval history. Her posts are fascinating and you can learn a great deal from her blog. I loved this post HERE about what peasant’s used to eat and found it very interesting. Also, did you know she owned the month April?

Best Book Review Blog

  • Lisa’s Ramblings: Lisa has excellent taste in literature and her reviews make me want to read the books she talks about. She’s also a very lovely lady. Check out her latest post of book reviews HERE
  • The Book Owl: This book review blog is run by a very nice man called Denzil. He also runs the Discovering Belgium blog which is equally excellent. Check out his review of a book by some bloke called Phil Taylor HERE

Services to Bloggers

  • There’s only one person that you should be voting for in this category and that’s Em Linthorpe. Not only is she the nicest person, has excellent taste in music and is incredibly kind hearted. She does so much for other bloggers. She helps run the Big Up Your Blog Facebook group in her spare time, she’s written blog posts that are incredibly helpful for us bloggers and she is very approachable if you ever have a blogging query. If you don’t vote for her, then I’m sorry we can’t be friends. Oh she’s also a good blogger too. Have a look at this post HERE. In it, Em loses her mind and makes claims that no one should take seriously. I’m not sure why I’m directing you towards this post. It’s literally the worst blog post every written.

Hidden Gem (blimey there are so many blogs in this category that I love, so I’m going to be very succinct with each one. Good luck choosing out of this lot).

  • A Mindful Traveler: Lovely person, lovely blog for all your travelling and eating needs. Read this post of Lorelle’s HERE
  • KalifornicationX: Incredibly talented writer, very funny, bit saucy, hates millennials (even though he is one). Read why HERE
  • Deb’s World: I love Debbie. Her warmth and love of life will jump out at you off the screen. Read this outstanding post HERE. You might need tissues while you do.
  • Unbound Roots: Erin is a wonderful woman. She has a love of the outdoors that is infectious. She’s also a very good artist. Read this fascinating post HERE.
  • Fiction is Food: Like so many bloggers, Gary is the loveliest person. He’s also a very clever fantasy writer. Please go to his blog and read his writing. You won’t regret it. HERE is a fine example of his work.
  • Wheelescapades: A marvellous blogger who always provides an interesting read. Plus she loves cats and books, so why wouldn’t you vote for her? Check out this excellent post of Gemma’s HERE.
  • Willowdot21: I adore Willow. Such a kind soul and she has very good taste in music (being a music blogger, you soon learn everyone’s personal taste in music). Check out her post HERE about random acts of kindness.
  • Retired? No-one Told me!: Carol is not taking retirement lying down. Have a look at her pro-walking/anti-diets post HERE

Newcomer Blogger

  • Vote for Losing the Plot. You’ve been told, now get and do it. Please have a look at her wonderful stories about us bloggers HERE

Best Pal

Well, it may not have come to your attention, but yours truly has been nominated for this award! Thank you to whoever did that. I love you to the moon and back. Now, as I’m talking about myself, I thought I’d take the liberty of recommending several of my posts.

*I’m bigging myself up here, aren’t I? Obviously not the whole internet, but it is my most liked post ever.

Now, you might think my blog is all right, but not brilliant or you might indeed think it’s the biggest pile of shit you’ve ever come across. If either of these scenarios is the case for you, you may want to vote for one of the following lovely ladies. I am honoured to be nominated along with them and if I’m honest, they are probably much nicer people than I am (I haven’t heard any of them swear about scooters once. Oh actually, Cherie may have…)

  • So let’s start with Cherie then as she is awesome. If you want an American living in Germany who loves a beer, has a handsome ice hockey playing German husband, has great taste in music and has her own tattoo salon then From Michigan to Germany is the blog for you. I love this story HERE about how her German in-laws “welcomed” her to Germany.
  • Next up is the lovely and bubbly Josy. Her fantastic blog is A Walk and a Lark. It is a beautiful blog as she details her hiking adventures. First it was in and around London and the south, but now she lives in Vancouver, her blog has become even more stunning. She also used to live in Japan and travelled extensively in New Zealand and she has done some wonderful posts about those countries too. Have a look at this post HERE and you’ll see what I mean Josy’s blog. I would also say that Josy is one of the most informative bloggers out there too.
  • Then please can you have a look at Orla’s blog Fancypaper. Orla is an excellent writer who writes about a variety of subjects, but it is her blogs about parenting that Orla’s writing really shines. I adore this stunning post HERE about motherhood that highlights the difficulties of motherhood and how we all do things differently.
  • Next, we have Rachael at Rachael’s Thoughts. She proudly resides in the North East and has written a great post about it as well as an excellent post about changing her career, but it’s her beautiful post about her Step-Mother HERE that I’m going to leave you with. It is incredibly heart-warming.
  • Last, but by no means least, we have The Wandering Darlings. Melanie is a fantastic travel blogger and has seen so much of the world. Her blog is incredible, but the post of hers that I enjoyed the most is the post that she wrote about her parents and how they gave her this love of travelling. Incidentally, Debbie at Deb’s World, just so happens to be her Mum. How lucky is Melanie? You can read her post HERE.

So, that’s your lot. I probably haven’t helped you decide who to vote for as there are so many good blogs to choose from, but if you vote for any of these that I’ve mentioned then you will have voted for a good ‘un.

Don’t forget, voting closes on 30th April and you can vote HERE. It’s very quick and easy and there’s no need to register nor provide an email address. Best of luck to everyone nominated.

Annual Bloggers Bash Awards: I’m here to sell my soul and beg for your votes

Yes, please do excuse me whilst I take this opportunity to beg for your votes. Look, I’m doing a little dance for you and everything. You see, I’m lucky because some lovely, gorgeous and most probably very sexy people have nominated me for a blogging award in the Annual Bloggers Bash Awards. I’ve only gone and been nominated for the Best Pal category (the blogger you’d most like to go on the lash with, I think that translates as). So, if you can be bothered and if you think I’d make a good buddy (look at me dancing!) or even if you think I sound like a complete nightmare of a human being (perfectly plausible), but quite enjoy reading my blog, just hop on over to this link HERE and cast your vote for Just Another Blog From a Woman in the Best Pal category. I love you. No really, I do really, really love you.


*Featured image by Em Linthorpe at Pickledy Pins


Top Ten Tunes- 1994

Every Friday, I’m publishing my top ten songs from a single year and this week it’s the turn of 1994.

For previous top ten tunes, please click on the year: 1960 1961 1962 1963 1964 1965 1966 1967 1968 1969 1970 1971 1972 1973 1974 1975 1976 1977 1978 1979 1980 1981 1982 1983 1984 1985 1986 1987 1988 1989 1990 1991 1992 1993 1995 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019


Police chase OJ Simpson and his driver on the 91 Freeway in California

In 1994, British Coal confirm the closure of 4 more pits, Stephen Milligan, a Conservative MP, is found dead at home, his death was due to autoerotic asphyxiation, police in Gloucester begin excavations at 25 Cromwell Road- the home of Fred & Rosemary West– they were later convicted of the murder of 12 young women, the IRA release three successful mortar attacks at Heathrow airport, women are ordained as priests in England for the first time, Ayrton Senna dies at 34 when he crashes at the San Marino Grand Prix, the Channel Tunnel officially opens, Love is All Around by Wet Wet Wet remains at number one in the charts for 15 weeks– the longest a British act has ever consecutively stayed at no.1, leader of the Labour party- John Smith dies unexpectedly of a heart attack, Tony Blair wins the Labour party leadership election, the IRA declares a ceasefire, the first UK National Lottery takes place, 0.5% of the UK population now have access to the internet, new Sunday trading laws allow shops to open on a Sunday in the UK, intermittent civil wars take place in Rwanda after the assignation of President Habyarimana, Nelson Mandela becomes president of South Africa, Brazil wins 1994 World Cup in America, OJ Simpson flees police in his car, Lisa Marie Presley marries Michael Jackson and Kurt Cobain commits suicide. The films Pulp Fiction, Four Weddings and a Funeral and the Shawshank Redemption are all released. I turn 18 years old and I guess, I officially became an adult (still waiting to actually become one though).


Oh my God, this has to be another of my favourite years this week. There were so many good tunes this year and I had to narrow this list down from about 30 songs. It was quite the impossible task. Regulars such as Blur, Tori and Kylie appear again, but there’s quite a few first appearances too. Here’s my 10 favourite songs from 1994 in no particular order.

1. Sure Shot by Beastie Boys


2. Loser by Beck


3. Creep by TLC

4. Babies by Pulp


5. Supersonic by Oasis


6. Girls & Boys by Blur


7. Confide in Me by Kylie Minogue


8. Cornflake Girl by Tori Amos


9. Stay Another Day by East 17 (this song was released around the time I split up with a boyfriend, so it had me crying every time I heard it. Years down the line I found out that Tony Mortimer wrote it about his brother’s death, so now I still have problems listening to it without feeling emotional. On a lighter note, the video is worth watching just for the lads’ earnest performance in it)

10. Disarm by Smashing Pumpkins


Whilst Tori and Kylie are close runners up, it’s the Smashing Pumpkins* that are my favourites this week. Which is yours?

See you next week for 1995!

*I chose the Smashing Pumpkins as not only is it a fantastic song, but it also profoundly reminds me of a friend who I sadly lost in 1994 around the time of the song’s release. I just wanted to mention this as a loving tribute to her.

Just Another Blog From a Woman has been nominated for an award. If you enjoy my blog and you have a spare few seconds, would you mind voting for me HERE It’s very simple and there’s no need to register or provide an email address, just vote for Just Another Blog From a Woman under the Best Pal category. Thank you SO much.