Top Ten Tunes- 1992

Every Friday, I’m publishing my top ten songs from a single year and this week it’s the turn of 1992.

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Windsor Castle ablaze

In 1992, IRA bombs in Omagh kills 7 and injures more, the Queen commemorates her Ruby Jubilee, the Duke and Duchess of York (Andy & Fergie) separate, the Conservative party are re-elected for the fourth consecutive term, the IRA detonate two bombs in central London killing 3 people, the first female Speaker of the House of Commons is elected- Betty Boothroyd, the Olympics takes place in Barcelona, two IRA bombs explode in London, but no one is injured, the government closes a third of all mines, the IRA force a taxi driver to drive to Downing Street where they detonate a bomb- again no one is hurt, the Church of England vote to allow women to become priests, a fire breaks out in Windsor Castle causing over £50 million worth of damage, another IRA bomb is detonated in Manchester city centre causing millions of pounds of damage and injuring 65 people, Prince Charles and Diana separate, 4 people are injured by an IRA bomb on Oxford St, London, Euro Disney opens in France, rioting breaks out across Los Angeles following the acquittal of four white police officers accused of beating Rodney King, Mike Tyson is convicted of rape and the Maastricht Treaty is signed founding the European Union…

The films Reservoir Dogs and Basic Instinct are released and I turn sweet sixteen.


I loved 1992. In 1992 I did my GCSEs, left school and started at Henley College where I did my A-Levels, met Stephen and went to my first ever Glastonbury festival (the first of muddy many). At Glastonbury, I saw Shakespear’s Sister, Blur, Joan Armatrading, Primal Scream (you can read about how that went here) and PJ Harvey (and many, many others). I ended 1992 by attending a Blur gig and gate crashing their afterparty in a recording studio. 1992 marked the start of my regular and slightly obsessive attendance of gigs around London. Brixton Academy, the Town & Country club (later the Forum) and the Astoria were all regular haunts of mine. Here, in no particular order are my favourite songs from 1992.

1.People Everyday by Arrested Development


2. Hit by the Sugarcubes (this will not be the only time Queen Bjork features in these playlists)


3. Finally by CeCe Peniston


4. End of the Road by Boyz II Men (Mate, I loved a bit of Boyz II Men back in the day and I’m here all day, everyday for the Barry White-esq sexy talk bit in the middle of this song).92endoftheroad

5. Motorcycle Emptiness by Manic Street Preachers


6. Friday I’m in Love by the Cure


Robert Smith’s 1992 hair game was strong

7. Pretend We’re Dead by L7 (thought I’d add the video of L7’s infamous 1992 appearance on the brilliant/awful The Word. Anyone around my age and from the UK will remember watching this programme half-cut on a Friday after the pubs closed)

8. Stay by Shakespear’s Sister

9. Creep by Radiohead


Aah look at baby Radiohead

10. Winter by Tori Amos


My favourite song from this lot is Tori Amos. That song is just stunning and I still have to stop what I’m doing and just listen whenever I hear it now. Sooooooo, which one of these gems is your favourite? Please someone say Boyz II Men…

See you next week for 1993!

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