Chilled Summertime Playlist


I’ve gone and done another playlist. This time it’s for chilled out summer days, where all you want to do is drink Pimms, eat Cornettos and soak up all the Vitamin D whilst it lasts. So slap on the SPF, spark up your BBQ and play these lovely summery tunes.

Expect lots of old school soul, Neo-soul, and a bit of 60s pop, rap, reggae, jazz, indie and The Fresh Prince. You’re welcome.

Which one is your favourite? Mine’s probably the Mamas & the Papas (though I love every single song).



  1. SickChristine · June 19

    I love it! I’m going to have Nina Simone in my head all day now, not a bad thing.

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  2. shelleywilson72 · June 25

    Ooh, I love this! x

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  3. emfletche · June 25

    Dusty followed by Otis…a perfect Sunday morning!

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  4. Gabe Burkhardt · June 25

    Here comes the sun is perfect for today. Cheers!

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  5. Lucy Mitchell · June 25

    Aghhhhh – omg what a fab playlist!!! I am in my kitchen ready to boogie now. Love it!

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    • thebeasley · June 25

      Excellent! I can’t stop listening to it, though I suppose I’d say that as I picked all the tunes x

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  6. lindahobden · June 25

    Love all the songs but I think that the one that screams summer to me is “Summer In The City”. I would’ve added to the list Shakatak’s “Nightbird” to the list – whenever I hear it I just want to wind down my car windows, turn the volume up and cruise the country roads – the song sums up great memories of summers as a teenager 😊

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    • thebeasley · June 30

      I love the songs that remind us of the summers of our youth the most. Thanks Linda.


  7. American Boy- such a relaxing but fun song, reminds me of being a teenager driving around in the summer! (And how dorky I probably looked….)

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    • thebeasley · June 25

      LOVE American Boy. It’s such a cool tune (that stays in your head all day).


  8. musicalmumblog · June 25

    Ah very cool playlist! I love ‘You Are The Sunshine Of My Life’ – my brother-in-law played it at our wedding 🙂

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  9. angelanoelauthor · June 25

    OMG- DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince reminds me so much of summers at the beach in high school. I grew up in California and a friend had a convertible VW. I remember being sandy, tanned, and hopeful that the boys whizzing by on their skateboards would stop and stare as we drove by. Thanks for the memories! SUMMERTIME!

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    • thebeasley · June 25

      Ha excellent. Am glad it’s evoked great memories. Been super pale and coming from Oxfordshire, I don’t have memories associated with this song of being sandy nor tanned, but I definitely remember the boys bit.

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  10. fattymccupcakes · June 25

    Great playlist! And, what I wouldn’t give to be enjoying the English sun, listening to summer tunes, while drinking some Pimms!

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  11. Oh I LOVE the Summertime. Great list. My favourites are Here Comes the Sun, and Feeling Good.

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