Spring/Easter Playlist

Just for you (yes you), I give you not one, but two playlists today. This morning you had the usual weekly music series playlist (this week it was 1994 and can be found here) and now here’s another one!

I’ve done it. I can’t actually believe I’ve done it, but I’ve done it anyway. Here’s a playlist to accompany your Easter weekend and Spring-like feels. My proudest moment is when the playlist goes from Vivaldi straight into Chas ‘n’ Dave #playlistgoals. Enjoy and eat chocolate until you want to vomit.



  1. Ritu · March 30

    Lol!!! Go You! On fire today!

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    • thebeasley · March 30

      Haha. My daughter wanted an Easter playlist, so I quickly pulled one together and thought sod it- might as well share it haha


  2. middleagedwarrior · March 30

    Got to love a bit of Chas β€˜n’ Dave

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  3. willowdot21 · March 30


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  4. WTF is the Easter Bunny Hokey Cokey? I can never unhear that πŸ˜‚

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  5. mydangblog · March 30

    Love this–such fun!

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  6. Phil Taylor · March 30

    If I was having an Easter gathering, this would be the perfect playlist!

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  7. awkward brown guy · March 30

    Possibly the first Easter playlist I’ve ever seen! πŸ™ŒπŸ½

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  8. rachaelstray · March 31

    Haha I love it. You could also add Sweet Like Chocolate by Shanks & Bigfoot even just for the music video chocoholic heaven!!

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