Curly Girl Issues

So, if like me you have unruly, curly, frizzy hair there are problems that you have to deal with that only us Curly Girls can truly understand. Here’s just a handful of them.

When you’re watching Brave and Merida wakes up in the morning and you think “Mate, I feel your pain” (and you have to have been with your partner for at LEAST several decades before you let them see your morning hair).


When having your hair rained on means your hair ends up resembling Phil Spectar’s. On a good day.


When the weather is hot, your spirit animal becomes Monica Geller in Barbados.


When your straight haired friend complains of their hair getting a bit frizzy in the rain.6717335be79db197a7fe9ec77f2d2b7c

When you have red, curly hair and you hilariously get compared to either Merida, Rebekah Brooks or worse Spuggy from Byker Grove. No actually, the worst is Mick Hucknall.

When you look back at photos of yourself from the 80s and/or 90s and you’re just grateful that social media didn’t exist back then.

Nicole Kidman Private Photo Shoot In Sydney

When your straight haired friend tries to give you advice on how to control your curls “Have you tried just using a bit of Frizz Ease?”.

Genius idea, it’s not like I’ve already tried using every single product available for curly hair in a pathetically vain attempt to control my hair already. Good one. I suppose you’re going to suggest I try brushing my hair too


Do you remember that time you had a good hair day? Yeah, you remember, it was back in 2003. In June. On a Tuesday.


When you’ve just styled your hair and you’ve done it all wrong and the only way to fix it, is to jump in the shower and wash your hair all over again.


When your hairdresser suggests cutting you a fringe (and you never go to that hairdresser again as they clearly know nothing about curly hair. Also, do they not remember Spuggy?!).

When you see all the wonderful, different hairstyles your straight haired friends can get and your choices are short or long and side parting or centre parting.


When your straight haired friends say they can use any old shampoo and conditioner off the shelf.


Even worse, when they announce they don’t even use conditioner.


When it’s been windy outside.


But when you’re pretty sure that having curly hair somehow gives you super powers.


So curly girls (and boys), is there anything that I’ve missed out? Do you love your curls or hate them?


The stress of having curly hair (it’s ok, I like my curls really)



  1. Traci York · 18 Days Ago

    LOL! Totally feel your pain – in fact, I’m going to tag you on FB so you can see one of the maybe three times my hair actually behaved itself (and I’m still in debt from the amount spent on product to make it so). Thanks for the giggles!

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    • thebeasley · 18 Days Ago

      I absolutely LOVE that photo. So 80s, it’s perfect. Us curly girls have to stick together x

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  2. Allie P. · 18 Days Ago

    Yup – jumping back into the shower is the only way to reset this mess. I have to take a photograph each time I get my hair done to remind myself it is technically possible for my hair to be styled just as long as it isn’t windy, rainy, hot, humid, or cold (requiring a hat or earmuffs), provided I have a second pair of hands and over two hours to spare.

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  3. April Munday · 18 Days Ago

    I’m fine with it. Straight hair just hangs, it can’t do anything else. Straight hair is boring. Curls have life and interest and body.

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  4. josypheen · 16 Days Ago

    I always wanted curly hair. I even tried to perm it once but even after two lots of chemicals, it stayed straight! It’s funny that the grass is always greener on the other side innit! 🙂

    Your hair is gorgeous.

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  5. SickChristine · 11 Days Ago

    How was I not following you? Hahahaha! Well, I am now. As a girl with stick straight hair, I can tell you I’ve had curl envy my whole life. My hair is so straight I have a hard time getting a curl to stay even with a hot roller. I’d love a curl or two.

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    • thebeasley · 10 Days Ago

      Haha don’t worry about it. I literally did the same thing the other day with someone I regularly comment & share their posts ha. So yes the grass is always greener. I tell you what, you can have a few of my curls.

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  6. shelleywilson72 · 6 Days Ago

    Ha ha, brilliant!! I long for the Perm to make a come back so I can add curls to my boring straight hair!!


  7. Ritu · 6 Days Ago

    Yes yes and yes!!!!!!!
    I must admit I love my curls… at least, when I get a chance, I can have straight hair if I please! But the waking up to a crazy mane… so true!!!


  8. emfletche · 6 Days Ago

    Oh summer is not our friend…I just watch my hair get bigger and bigger, more often than not it’s scraped back with my fringe pinned up…if only I could permanently wear a hat for 3 months of the year 😂

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    • thebeasley · 6 Days Ago

      It’s really not. And the wind and rain cones and that’s no better either. Aah curly hair 😄

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  9. Gabe Burkhardt · 6 Days Ago

    I think you’re just showing off. Each of the carefully numbered hairs on my balding scalp have to be coaxed into performing magical feats of wonder to resemble a socially acceptable hairstyle. (I’d like to think I’m providing you with a bottle-of-styling-product half-full moment here, but it sounds an awful lot like I’m just whining 😉 )

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    • thebeasley · 6 Days Ago

      Haha. Oh yes I should be grateful I have hair. Though if it’s any comfort, since popping a sprog (since having a child) my hair is definitely thinning x

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      • Gabe Burkhardt · 6 Days Ago

        Yes, I’ve heard that “sprog’s” (would the verb be “sprogging?”) can lead to all sorts of hair problems…

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      • thebeasley · 6 Days Ago

        Haha “sprogging” could be a verb.

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  10. You Can Always Start Now · 6 Days Ago

    I live by the water so as you know dampness, need I say more, is not our friend. I will admit here with friends that I find not washing my hair every day or second day helps as not as wispy. Ladies we are survivors.

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    • thebeasley · 6 Days Ago

      I think that’s a good tip. Hair washing is very drying. I should probably cut down on it too.


  11. H.E. Ebel · 6 Days Ago

    Haha! Yes. I used to hate my curls a lot more. Then I realized a lot of people wish they had curls, so appreciate then a lot more now. I can straighten my hair (even though it takes a ridiculous amount of time) or have natural curly hair which can never really be replicated by people with straight hair with a curling iron. Also, I used to believe I’d gotten better at styling my hair because my curls are way less frizzy then they used to be. I realized it’s only better because I live in a dry climate now. I visited my sister on the east coast last year, and I looked like a poodle all week. I hated my curls again that week. Humidity is not cool.

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    • thebeasley · 6 Days Ago

      No, humidity is not our friend. Yes natural curls are way better than unnatural.

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  12. Lucy Mitchell · 6 Days Ago

    Best post of the month! Brilliant

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  13. anhistorianabouttown · 6 Days Ago

    My sister has the aforementioned curly hair while I have incredibly thin somewhat wavy hair. While her hair will fight through a style to emerge, mine will fall limply! Sometimes it seems like none of us are winning the hair game….

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  14. Gary · 6 Days Ago

    I’m with Gabe! any hair is cool; except 80’s. Big hair back then and really not made for social media. I have my photos carefully stored in a secure box under a floorboard in the attic. They called me Nesty back then so upon matters “curly” I will say no more; unless it’s “wurly” as I rather like those 🙂

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    • thebeasley · 6 Days Ago

      Haha now I have to see those photos Gary!

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      • Gary · 5 Days Ago

        Err… secret attic lock up; and obviously they are not digitised 🙂 🙂

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  15. Becca Barracuda · 6 Days Ago

    Hehe ok your memes and GIFs were on point with this post! My hair is not nearly as curly as it used to be, but I still get the crazy frizz when it’s raining or humid. We were watching that episode of Friends (The One in Barbados), and my hubs turned to me and said, “Hey, your hair looks like that sometimes.” Ha!

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