Top 15 The Cure Tunes



The Cure as babies (1980)

Here’s my top 15 The Cure tunes. Spotify playlist at the end as always.

15. Jumping Someone Else’s Train (1979, did not chart, Boys Don’t Cry)

14. Let’s Go To Bed (1982, no.44, Japanese Whispers)

13. Why Can’t I Be You? (1987, no.21, Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me)

12. A Forest (1980, no.31, Seventeen Seconds)

11. Killing an Arab- notably now sung as Killing Another (1978, did not chart, Boys Don’t Cry)

10. Friday I’m in Love (1992, no.6, Wish)

9. The Lovecats (1983, no.7, Japanese Whispers)

8. Inbetween Days (1985, no.15, The Head on the Door)

7. Lullaby (1989, no.5, Disintegration)

6. Close to Me (1985, no.24, The Head on the Door)

5. Lovesong (1989, no.18, Disintegration)

4. The Caterpillar (1984, no.14, The Top)

3. Pictures of You (1990, no.24, Disintegration)

2. Just Like Heaven (1987, no.29, Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me)

And my all time favourite Cure song is…




1. Boys Don’t Cry (1979, did not chart, re-released in 1986, no.22, Boys Don’t Cry)

The One That Almost Made It: Mint Car (1996, no.31, Wild Mood Swings)

Don’t forget to tell me below which is your favourite The Cure song below.

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See you next week for the Top 15 Tunes That Make Me Cry Like a Baby!

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