Top 10 Prince Songs

In honour of what would have been Prince’s 60th Birthday today, here’s a list of his top 10 songs.

Just Another Blog From a Woman

I’m probably the 10 millionth blogger to write up their favourite Prince songs today, but I couldn’t help but stick my oar in too. So, farewell our Purple Prince. Thank you for leaving us with the most wonderful music.

10. Manic Monday by the Bangles

Album: Different Light

Year: 1986

Chart Position: 2

Whoa, so the first track I choose isn’t actually performed by Prince? It’s a Prince song nonetheless, written under the pseudonym Christopher.

9. Take Me With You

Album: Purple Rain

Year: 1985

Chart Position: 7

8. Diamonds & Pearls

Album: Diamonds & Pearls

Year: 1991

Chart Position: 25

7. 7

Album: Love Symbol Album

Year: 1992

Chart Position: 27

6. Money Don’t Matter 2 Night

Album: Diamonds & Pearls

Year: 1992

Chart Position: 19

5. Sometimes it Snows in April

Album: Parade

Year: 1986

Chart Position: 193 (it didn’t chart in the UK until after his death in…

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  1. willowdot21 · June 7

    Just amazing 🌹💜💗💞💝
    If I have to choose it has to be Manic Monday and by the Back 💜💜
    Hope your doing okay Hun 💜

    Liked by 1 person

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