Best Oscar Outfits 2017

Glossing over the almighty cock-up with the best film announcement and making this a yearly tradition, here’s my collection of favourite outfits from this year’s Oscars.

  • Chrissy Teigen the queen of Twitter, took command of the red carpet in this gorgeous number.


  • Viola Davis always gets it right at award ceremonies and picked up her best supporting female actor Oscar in this stunning red dress.


  • Isabelle Huppert was up for best female actor in a leading role and defined ageless elegance in this sparkling outfit.


  • Taraji P. Henson starred in Hidden Figures, but there was no hiding her amazing figure in this va-va-voom velvet dress.


  • Karlie Kloss is a supermodel and looks amazing in this all in white Stella McCartney number.


  • Ruth Negga the Irish actress and Loving star was up for best female leading role and carried this red outfit off perfectly. She along with other red carpet stars teamed their outfits with a blue ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union) ribbon. More information on the ACLU can be found here.


  • Auli’i Carvalho played the lead role in the excellent Disney film Moana and she looks beautiful in this white, gold lined dress


  • Dev Patel and his Mum Could DP get any cuter and dashing? Well yes, when he takes his Mum to the Oscars with him, he certainly can. Both of them looked joyfully fabulous.


  • Sunny Pawar the super cute 8 year old Indian actor and star of Lion gets my award for best dressed male.



  1. shelleywilson72 · March 5, 2017

    OMG! Dev took his mum! That’s adorable 😍 Gorgeous outfits, perhaps we should blog while wearing our finest outfits instead of joggers and a hoody lol 😂

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  2. Em Linthorpe · March 5, 2017

    Dev taking his mam is just gorgeous! I think my favourite gowns are worn by Ruth Negga and Isabelle Huppert, I always have a soft spot for a high neckline ❤

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  3. Gay Stepdad · March 5, 2017

    Oh look at Sunny’s cheeky little grin!

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  4. Traci York · March 5, 2017

    They’re all amazing, but if I had to pick a favorite, I’d go with Taraji. Amazing!

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  5. lilhiddentreasures · March 5, 2017

    I agree with Traci that they are all amazing! I think Auli’i Carvalho did an amazing performance that night. I can’t believe she’s only 16 years old!

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  6. differentshoresblog · March 8, 2017

    Thank you – the only part of the Oscars I can stand (apart from cock-ups and folk falling off the stage) is the frocks

    Liked by 1 person

  7. suzyhomemakeruk · March 8, 2017

    Viola Davis gets my vote. That red dress is AH-MAZING! Sue via Big up your Blog

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