Top Tunes From Musicals

So, here’s a little unknown fact about me. I love me a musical. I love all that singing and dancing at inexplicable moments. I love the cheesiness. I love how cheery musicals are quite often made about dire and disturbing subject matters (Oliver! is quite often described as cheerful, but is essentially about maternal mortality, orphans, homelessness, poverty, child exploitation, crime, prostitution, domestic violence, child abduction and murder. Oom-pah-pah indeed). I love the formulaic storylines. And love all that thigh slapping (who doesn’t?). But here’s a tough question. Which song out of all those heart rending/heartwarming musicals, is the best? I tried to make this a Top Ten, but as I am weak, it is a Top 15 instead. As always, there’s a little Spotify list at the end- a bumper playlist of 40 songs from musicals. Heres my personal favourite 15 songs from musicals in actual order this time.

15. Tradition– Fiddler on a Roof

14. And I’m Telling You I’m Not Going– Dreamgirls

13. The Man That Got Away– A Star is Born

12. All That Jazz– Chicago

11. Take Me or Leave Me– Rent

10. Time Warp– Rocky Horror Picture Show

9. Cabaret– Cabaret

8. Do-Re-Mi– Sound of Music

7. You’re the One That I Want– Grease

6. Memory– Cats



5. When I Grow Up– Matilda

4. Over the Rainbow– The Wizard of Oz

3. As Long As He Needs Me– Oliver!

2. Defying Gravity– Wicked

And my all time favourite song from a musical is….





1. One Day More– Les Miserables

And for the record, my all time favourite musical is Oliver! I could have made this top 15 up with the majority of songs from Oliver!, but you’ll probably be thankful that I restrained myself. So any other fans of musicals out there? Which is your favourite song from a musical? And which is your all time favourite musical?

See you next week for Top TV Theme Tunes!