Annual Bloggers Bash Awards: I’m here to sell my soul and beg for your votes

Yes, please do excuse me whilst I take this opportunity to beg for your votes. Look, I’m doing a little dance for you and everything. You see, I’m lucky because some lovely, gorgeous and most probably very sexy people have nominated me for a blogging award in the Annual Bloggers Bash Awards. I’ve only gone and been nominated for the Best Pal¬†category (the blogger you’d most like to go on the lash with, I think that translates as). So, if you can be bothered and if you think I’d make a good buddy (look at me dancing!) or even if you think I sound like a complete nightmare of a human being (perfectly plausible), but quite enjoy reading my blog, just hop on over to this link HERE¬†and cast your vote for Just Another Blog From a Woman in the Best Pal category. I love you. No really, I do really, really love you.


*Featured image by Em Linthorpe at Pickledy Pins